Morgan Engineering is a state wide lineboring company that delivers a fast and reliable service by using state of the art equipment and years of knowledge in the industry. Our equipment has been sourced from leading portable machinery manufacturers and includes an automatic welder capable of welding a bore whilst the machining process is operating simultaneously.


Our new technology advances mean that our machining bars can be replaced with shorter stiffer bars, giving higher accuracy, and finer finishing cuts.

Our equipment uses high tensile steel wire, coupled to an audio signal generator to accurately pinpoint the centre line of multiple bores as used in articulated joints. The equipment accurately measures the concentricity of existing bores for advanced trouble shooting purposes and although versatile, always machines to the tightest of tolerances.

Nearly all of our equipment has been sourced from Australian manufacturers and has been tested in the hardest of conditions, leaving you with reliable and professional service.

All of our site units are fully equipped Hino trucks fitted out with dual boring systems capable of machining two bores and welding two bores simultaneously. Our trucks are also coupled with Hatz 30kva generators ensuring self powered capability and reliability.

Morgan Engineering also supplies Liquid Nitrogen for any freeze work required. That means less down time and cost to the client.


When using the Morgan Engineering system every customer can rest assured that they are getting the advantage of using a system that has been developed and proven to be the most efficient and effective unit available. With the use of solid core welding wires the welding process can be increased by fifty percent compared to inner shield wires that most of our competitors use in this field.


We have specialised tradespeople that excel in lineboring to ensure that all jobs are completed on time and within budget. Every lineborer is trained in house to conduct multiple machines and welding set ups.


Morgan Engineering are available 24/7 for all your lineboring needs.

Mobile Line Boring Solutions