Welding Shop

> 430m² factory space allocated to fabrication and weld reclamation
> 10 tonne overhead traveling crane
> 3.2 tonne overhead traveling crane
> Secure yard to receive and store proprietary equipment and components

> Kemppi PS5000 inverter welders with water coolers x 3
> Kemppi PS3500 inverter welder with water cooler
> Kemppi Master Tig MLS3000 ACDC water cooled
> ID bore welders up to 600mm diameter x 2
> Eutectic metal fusion spraying equipment for cast iron component repairs
> 400kg Welding positioner
> Large 16mm lancing equipment
> Air arc gouging units

Welding Shop

We stock a wide variety of materials

> Round, square and hexagonal bar in mild steel, bright, K1040/5, high tensile and stainless steel
> Hollow bar
> Bronze round and hollow bar
> Nylon plastic tube and round bar
> Plate in mild steel and bisalloy
> Flat bar
> Pipe and tube
> RHS and channel
> Fasteners, nuts and bolts