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Mobile Milling

When components of complex mine site machinery are no longer meeting technical requirements, Morgan Engineering’s on-site mobile milling services will solve the problem.

Our specialist technicians can be deployed quickly to the site, along with state-of-the-art technology and specialised machinery, to identify and fix the problem.  Time-consuming transport requirements and dismantling of individual parts are avoided, and on-site operations continue almost unimpaired.

Mobile milling, Mobile Milling, Morgan Engineering
Mobile milling, Mobile Milling, Morgan Engineering

However, milling directly on the component places special demands on the machine and the technician. As a specialist in mobile on-site milling and machining, Morgan Engineering has the necessary expertise to carry out this challenging work to the highest standard. 

Our experienced technicians are familiar with all mobile milling applications on site and have all the skills needed to achieve guaranteed results no different to those obtained in a workshop environment.

For portable milling machines the most important thing is to reach the element that requires the intervention, regardless of the difficulty of location and access. For that reason, a reversal of the technological process takes place. Milling machine is mounted directly on the workpiece and the process that is carried out is subject to the ongoing review.

Various applications for mobile milling

Morgan Engineering offers milling for a variety of areas and a wide variety of plant components. 

Even the most complex milling work is no problem for our technical staff. We can respond individually and flexibly to your requirements and adapt our concepts and machine tools to the conditions on site and the corresponding system. Morgan Engineering’s 45 years of experience and extensive know-how ensure we always achieve the best results.

For all repair and maintenance work, rely on the experience and cost-effectiveness of Morgan Engineering for all on-site mobile milling.

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