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Large CNC Machining

Morgan Engineering is a precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining service that prides itself on engineering excellence.

CNC machining is a manufacturing process which utilises computerised controls to operate and manipulate machine and cutting tools to shape stock material such as metal, plastic, wood, composite, etc., into custom parts and designs.

Generally, the term refers to milling, turning, grinding, routing, and drilling processes used for metal fabrication.

CNC machining has been a game-changer

By enabling easier production of 3-D structures and reducing the level of human involvement in metal forming.

The process encompasses several different computer-controlled machining operations—including mechanical, chemical, electrical, and thermal processes—which remove the necessary material from the workpiece to produce a custom-designed part or product.

Morgan Engineering uses one of most advanced CAD/CAM systems available. Our CNC machines are sourced from worldwide leaders in milling, boring and turning technologies, which guarantees the absolute precision of the end products and conformity to the drawings.

The automated nature of CNC machining enables the production of high precision and high accuracy products in a cost-effective way.

Low overheads enable us to produce high quality engineering at an affordable price. Employing highly qualified technicians with extensive knowledge in their fields operating state-of-the-art equipment ensures we produce high quality products to service your industry.

Conventional lathes and mills

We stock a wide variety of materials

Soraluce FP6000 multi-purpose CNC milling and boring machine

Mazak MTV815 CNC vertical machining centre

Mazak Integrex 1`400x2500U multi-tasking machine

Yamage MY280 slotting machine

San Rocco universal milling machine with 1.5 tonne table capacity

Sachman CNC universal milling machine with 8 tonne table capacity

Morgan Engineering works closely with customers and can reclaim fatigued and worn components at a fraction of the cost and usually in less time than a replacement can be sourced. New components and replacement parts can also be designed and manufactured to improve service life in a range of challenging environments and applications.

Engineered Solutions

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