Weld Reclamation

Weld reclamation is a specialised service that aims to save valuable downtime and reduce costs.

Critical components such as steering arms and wheel motor frames that become cracked or badly worn can be brought back to original condition and returned to service using processes developed and refined by Morgan Engineering.

By working closely in conjunction with Asset Reliability Managers, Morgan Engineering have identified the correct manufacture and weld repair procedures for a wide variety of coal mining and earthmoving equipment components.

Morgan Engineering’s specialist team undertakes a comprehensive metallurgical analysis of the material and causes of cracking. We then carry out weld repair procedure development and validation process to ensure that the component can be safely repaired.

Weld reclamation, Weld Reclamation, Morgan Engineering

This task is undertaken by specialist welders under a tightly controlled and supervised repair process to ensure there is 100 per cent confidence in the final repair quality.

We manage this entire process, and only release the component if we are certain that the component is fit for service and in line with the intended overhaul schedule.  Weld reclamations allows significant savings to be made by not having to buy new replacement components and helps save valuable resources.

Weld reclamation capabilities

Trust Morgan Engineering

With decades of experience and using tried and tested methods, Morgan Engineering’s team of welding professionals and metallurgists are committed to stringent safety checks on all weld reclamation projects.

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