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Morgan Engineering’s ability to re-manufacture mining equipment allows customers to significantly reduce the total lifecycle cost of equipment without compromising quality, performance, and reliability.

Our re-manufacture services are largely driven by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) being unable to replace worn or faulty equipment components to meet the immediate needs of operators.

Attempting to source original OEM parts can result in long lead times and high acquisition costs. Machines may be outdated, and replacement parts may have been discontinued. In other cases, design documentation for the needed parts may have been lost.

The re-manufacture process is more than rebuilding. It is returning components to their original performance specifications through state-of-the-art techniques, strict re-use guidelines, advanced manufacturing systems and unequalled quality control.

Through reverse engineering the team at Morgan Engineering’s can efficiently create change parts that an original equipment manufacturer can no longer supply.

With years of experience developing analytical techniques, Morgan Engineering’s well-qualified technicians and metallurgists can determine how metal components, products or equipment have been manufactured and from what alloy.

By determining the production techniques used in the manufacture of a part and identifying the materials it is comprised of, we can re-manufacture equipment that is identical and often more superior than the original.

The benefits of re-manufacture

Reduced downtime

The wear and tear of machine components can have a huge impact on production capacity and output.

Replacement of accurate and durable change parts is crucial to ensuring machine alignment and efficiency. Ill-fitting change parts and long lead times, especially when sourcing for OEM parts, can create excessive downtime that translates to significant financial losses.

Through reverse engineering, we can simply recreate the replacement parts to keep machines running smoothly, often with superior materials that allow for quicker processing or longevity of the parts and minimise costly downtime.

Identify areas for improvement

Overtime, equipment deteriorates. What may have worked well previously, may not be very efficient today or in the future.

Proactive maintenance is essential to identify where equipment has degraded and plan how to resolve the issue in advance of lost productivity.

Through the re-manufacture process, our engineers can redesign an enhanced version of the equipment.

Cost savings

Creating an improved version of equipment or a machine component not only ensures that equipment is operating at maximum efficiency but also help extend the life of the equipment, as only one part needs replacing instead of the entire machine.

As the mining sector in particular looks to get as much output as possible from equipment to reduce costs, options such as rebuilding older machines to as-new OEM-spec condition are becoming increasingly popular.

Re-use and reinvigorate

Morgan Engineering has the re-manufacturing skills, experience, and commitment to quality to reinvigorate your older equipment, reducing your costs and creating better efficiencies.

Contact Morgan Engineering for all your reverse engineering needs.

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