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Component transportation stands

Morgan Engineering designs and manufactures purpose-built, engineered transportation stands for the safe and efficient storage and movement of expensive components.

These specialised transportation stands are essential to the coal mining and earthmoving sectors for the essential protection of critical equipment.

The most effective way to secure components during transportation is to enlist Morgan Engineering to design and manufacture bespoke frames to meet your unique needs.

To create them, we use state-of-the-art precision engineering to fulfil specific storage requirements, including multiple configurations for road transport and onsite roles.

Considerations for transportation stand fabrication

Our services include every aspect of the design and manufacturing of specialised transportation and storage frames.

This process incorporates fittings and components for complex transport needs. We use high-precision designs and advanced steel fabrication techniques to provide our customers with quality transport frames custom-built to fulfill any role.

Efficient design, construction, and load testing of component transportation and storage frames requires a true understanding of its purpose. Some frames are simply required to ensure safe transport of components from site to site, however other frames are used for transport and storage, plus component installation.

We develop and design concepts that are simple yet strong and include the necessary requirements to achieve certification to ensure the safety of all personnel involved in its application.

Whether you plan to ship valuable components across Australia or move heavy objects around in your site or warehouse, the durability and strength of steel provide the functionality you need to complete the job. Morgan Engineering has the knowledge and professional experience to create the specialised component transportation stands you are looking for.

Our expertise, practical solutions, design services, and steel fabrication techniques deliver industry-leading, superior quality protection for your goods.

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