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Ultrasonic Impact Technology

Partnering with Applied Ultrasonics to deliver innovative equipment and extend asset life.

Designed to significantly improve and extend the life cycle of industry assets, Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT) is instrumental in mitigating tensile stress in heat-effected zones in the mining sector.

We are proudly partnering with Applied Ultrasonics, a key provider of UIT services in NSW, to diversify our repair solutions, and provide cost-effective solutions to our customers throughout the Hunter region and nationwide

Keep reading to find out more about how ultrasonic impact technology works and how it can help your team.


Understanding Ultrasonic Impact Technology

Applied Ultrasonic’s Ultrasonic Impact Technology treatment is an electromechanical process where ultrasonic energy is converted into mechanical energy.

When UIT is applied to metals and fabricated structures, the process imparts residual compressive stresses, mitigating harmful tensile stress along with modifying grain structure. It can be applied manually or automated depending on the environment which the technology is required to operate in.

The UIT system is an electromechanical process where ultrasonic energy is converted into mechanical energy. When applied to metal fabricated structures, UIT imparts compressive residual stress, mitigates harmful, flexible stress, modules weld toe geometry, and improves grain structure.

UIT delivers an alternative to other methods of peening to modify weld toe geometry and impart beneficial compressive residual stress. Upon application of UIT to the weld toe, the weld toe geometry is modified creating a fatigue friendly geometry.

Compressive residual stress is imparted into the heat affective zone (HAZ) improving grain structure and strength.

Interested in finding out more about how Ultrasonic Impact Technology can benefit your business?

Technology and benefits

Key Industry Applications


Approved by Rio Tinto Yarwun, and used as weld repairs.


Leading mining companies around the world have employed the use of Ultrasonic IT on their infrastructure, both fixed and mobile.

Over one thousand jobs have been completed with significant savings in repair costs and the life extension of the assets being repaired.

These assets include truck bodies, dragline buckets, conveyor lines, excavator structures, vibrating screens, crushers, and draglines, chassis.


The process has been used in the power generation industry in repair and new construction.


Applied Ultrasonics has been used on weld repairs to navy vessels; these repairs covered stress corrosion cracking and hull modifications.


Progress Rail a division of Caterpillar Inc has used the technology extensively when carrying out maintenance repairs to its locomotive diesel engine blocks.


Many wind farms are now entering the final stages of their life cycle and asset owners are looking at ways to extend this, while they determine their investment approach for the future.


The technology has been applied to such things as gears, crankshafts, and bearings.


Applied Ultrasonics has been used to repair bridges across Australia.

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry it has been used to improve weld repairs on drill ships, pipes, jack rigs and semisubmersibles.


NASA employs Applied Ultrasonics across several programs including the Orion Manned Space UIT is also used at Boeing and Lockheed Martin to strengthen welds on airframes.

We have the skills, experience and equipment to reinvigorate your older equipment, reducing your costs and creating better efficiencies.

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