Line boring innovation applied to CAT haul truck tapered steering components

A revolutionary line boring innovation developed by Morgan Engineering is reducing maintenance costs and mine site equipment downtime.

The ultra-class trucks used in the mining industry make light of the toughest work. But they are also subject to wear and require regular repairs and maintenance. Steering tapers and bores must eventually be reclaimed with weld and machined back to a tight OEM tolerance – all while remaining in perfect alignment with all the other bores in that articulated joint.

These bores serve as the locating and pivot points for the steering mechanism. They are subjected to enormous stress as huge hydraulic loads change the angle of the front wheels to provide steering for trucks that can weigh over 400 tonnes. Steering wear in haul trucks is simply unsafe.

In the past, the only way to repair the tapered steering bores was to remove the entire steering box from the chassis. The steering box would need to be replaced and then re-welded back into place. This requires a number of skilled welders over several shifts, and significant loss of production due to lengthy downtime.

Finding the line boring innovation

Our in-house team developed our own proprietary equipment and techniques to machine these steer box tapers in-situ – eliminating the entire removal and offsite repair process.

This process enables us to deliver exceptional quality solutions – exceeding OEM specifications, reducing costs, and significantly reducing downtime.

We can now carry out this work onsite – anywhere in Australia – and complete the repair in only 12-14 hours as opposed to three or four days. The cost of the repair is around 60 per cent less than a new replacement part. The flow-on cost reductions from minimising downtime are also significant.

Streamlining the process

This unique, portable solution was developed in-house along with custom designed and engineered tooling. The complete tooling assembly fits neatly into a single box that can be transported anywhere and quickly deployed onsite. The complete process has been third-party certified to ensure both component and machine integrity are maintained.

This extra level of quality assurance gives clients confidence their assets are repaired to within specification to an exceptionally high standard of workmanship.

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