Paving the way for female engineers in the workplace

Did you know that female engineers only make up 12 per cent of work in the Australian engineering workforce? This concerning statistic comes from Engineers Australia, who also report that 16 per cent of students studying engineering are female.

Engineering as a profession in Australia is heavily weighted towards men, but that’s a fact we’re looking to change.


Changing the stereotype

Despite education and communication campaigns encouraging STEM in females and engineering as an education option beyond school, the take-up has not increased significantly.

Beyond education, females who do progress through a university degree or TAFE certificate in engineering face challenges again when they progress into the workforce.

Studies have found that females are less likely to use their engineering degree after completion or, if they do, leave the industry not long after.

It’s unfortunate that most of the time this is due to engineering being so heavily male-dominated and the culture in certain roles that comes along with this. However, this is something we’re trying to change – one step at a time.


Encouraging female engineers to apply for traditionally male dominated positions

We have always embraced being at the forefront of embracing change. We are committed to leading the way in our industry for accepting gender diversity in the workplace. After all, change starts with us.

We are currently working on breaking the stigma, by encouraging female engineers to gain practical experience in engineering whilst gaining their trade certificate through RTO Gimbal Training. We encourage female apprentices to apply for these apprentices, so they can get real-world experience and build a passion for their subject area.


A step in the right direction

Over the past year, we’ve hired two female apprentices who are both currently undertaking their Certificate III Engineering – Mechanical. Erin Burns was employed first in February of this year, with Kerrie Jackson following close behind.

“Since hiring two female trade assistants within the last year our company has been on an upward trajectory of growth and has been keeping diversity at the forefront of our minds,” Jeremy Brett, our General Manager said.

“We’ve had internal conversations about the importance of diversity and acceptance in our cultural journey discussions. To align with our Cultural Commitment Charter, it was a natural decision to employ the best candidates for both value alignment and cultural fit.”

All Certificate III Mechanical apprentices that work with us are able to pursue Certificate IV CNC Programming which provides them with the required qualifications to further advance their career.

Looking to join the team and advance your career with us? Get in contact with us today!

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