Our fully qualified boilermaker/welder tradesmen have vast experience in their fields which enables them to efficiently assemble and fabricate items of a small to medium size.

Metal Fusion Spraying

Morgan Engineering has the ability to repair components using metal fusion spraying.

Spray fusion is a process that can be defined as the application of a self fusing alloy by a flame spray process, followed by the subsequent melting and fusing of the alloy to the substrate, forming a metallurgical bond.

Cast Iron Pipe "T" Before.

Cast Iron Pipe "T" After. Metal Fusion Spraying.

Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Before.

Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold After.

Cast Iron Gear Box Before.

Cast Iron Gear Box After.

Cast Iron Torque Converter Housing Before.

Cast Iron Torque Converter Housing After.

Weld Reclamation

Over the years Morgan Engineering has worked closely and in conjunction with Asset Reliability Managers regarding the obtaining and processing of the correct manufacture and weld repair procedures for a wide variety of coal mining and earthmoving equipment components.
We also have access to a large capacity furnace for specific heat treatments and stress relieving.