Morgan engineering


Morgan Engineering is at the forefront of innovation, delivering engineering projects purpose-built to solutions to equipment challenges in the mining and heavy transport sectors.

Our engineering design and drafting capabilities are delivered utilising only the best in-house systems and tools, like the latest in CAD software. We stand ahead of the competition by delivering cost-effective, safety assured, reliable and fully customisable solutions under tight deadlines on all jobs.

Engineering projects, Projects, Morgan Engineering

Engineering Design

Morgan Engineering are industry leaders in the engineering design process, delivering customisable modern machining, CAD, and heavy fabrication solutions.

Our team of highly experienced engineers and tradespeople are specialist problem-solvers, applying flexible thinking to achieve innovative results.

Engineering projects, Projects, Morgan Engineering


Our drafting engineers utilise the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to solve problems, create new opportunities, and bring ideas to life.

We make tasks safer, more cost-efficient, more productive and deliver a longer life span. In many cases the components we supply are upgrades to existing OEM designs that result in improved functionality.

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