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Service Exchange

Morgan Engineering’s service exchange is designed to fast-track your equipment repairs, minimise risk, and shorten site shutdowns.

Whether for planned maintenance or in times of emergency, Morgan Engineering can supply components to suit most major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) heavy mining equipment directly to your site.

You simply purchase a fully guaranteed re-manufactured component and forward the failed item to us. We re-engineer your component to original equipment specifications, incorporating the latest in design improvements, and it is returned to stock to fulfil the next customer order.

The only difference between new and re-manufactured components is in the price. Our programs ensure an equivalent level of performance and reliability to that of brand-new components.

Service exchange, Service Exchange, Morgan Engineering
service exchange

The benefits include

Service exchange components available

Morgan Engineering service exchange program inventory includes Cat® and Hitachi parts and components.

Truck parts & components
Dozer parts & components
GRADER parts & components
Excavator & Shovel Parts

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