Morgan Engineering has the capacity to carry out all facets of onsite machining from 3 axis (XYZ) milling, Circular milling, Keyway Milling, Journal turning, flange facing, drilling and tapping.

Onsite machining is a service performed when the plant is off-line. Portable machines carry out machine shop operations without the need to remove the plant or equipment.

These Portable Machines can be bolted or clamped directly onto the job using standard or custom built mounting fixtures & can be easily mounted in any position.

Onsite machining services are used extensively by the power industry, coal mining industry, marine, oil & gas, manufacturing and water utilities.

Our onsite machining services include:

XYZ Milling

From 2 axis milling (in the XY plane) to 3 axis types (milling in the XYZ plane). Providing an ideal option for machining plane flat surfaces & rectangular pockets accurately

Larger milling machines can also be used for drilling and boring in addition to milling & are excellent for modifications or alterations to gear boxes, pumps, turbines etc

We can mill surfaces up to 3m x 2m.

Typical applications include:

Levelling Pump & or generator base pads
Excavator Track frame mounting surfaces
Dock side ship to shore cranes
Flat bearing surfaces
Pockets and penetrations in structures
Machining flat square flanges, manways and shaped inspection and hatch covers
> Machining internal and external shaft keyways

Circular Milling

For machining large flanges 73.5 – 199 inches (1866.9 – 5054.6 mm) in diameter, and featuring a center machine clearance designed to fit over 24 inch (609.6 mm) diameter kingpins, this circular mill can be configured for powerful milling, single-point machining and grinding operations. Extraordinary rigidity, versatility, and power are at your fingertips – this machine can handle your toughest large flange machining jobs quickly and efficiently.

Typical applications include:

Heavy construction & mining
> Crane pedestals
> Flat bearing surfaces
> Wind power fabrication

Keyway Milling

Keyway milling is the cutting of a keyways, slots, pockets, or flats on shaft diameters of 1.5 to 24 inches (38 to 610 mm). They can be operated in any position, thanks to their sealed gear box lubrication.

Journal Turning

Journal turning is machining the outside diameter of a shaft to bring it within the desired specification for concentricity, surface finish and circularity tolerance.

Journal turning equipment bolts on the end of a shaft to re-turn shafts, and roll journals from 1.5 inches to 24 inches (38 to 610 mm).

Typical turning applications include:

Journal turning on worn or damaged shafts for bearing surfaces, both inboard and outboard
> Modify shafts to accept new or changed bearing configurations
> Machine shaft seal areas and faces
> Re-facing alternator slip rings
> Machine drive shaft and coupling arrangements

Drilling & Tapping

Drilling and tapping equipment provides the capacity for 2” threads to be tapped.

Drilling and tapping is used in many industries, from power to marine. There are numerous applications. In fact anywhere there exists the need to bolt items together using a blind hole.

Typical drilling & tapping applications include:

> Stud drilling
> Threaded inserts for damaged holes
> Core sampling
> Holes for tapping threads
> Trepanning
> Clearance holes
> Reaming for dowels
> Pockets for probes and thermocouples
> Removal of snapped or seized studs

Flange Facing

Flange facing can be used on a multitude of applications. Traditionally it is used to re-machine flanges or heat exchanger faces in-situ when they have become warped, worn or damaged. The newly machined surface then allows for an improved seal, preventing leaks

Flange facers can also be used for machining manways, pump bases, crane pedestals, in fact any flat surface that is contained within the swing of the machine.

Equipment is available to machine faces from 0 –  3 metres diameter.

Pipe Cutting & Weld Prepping

4 inches – 66 inches (100 to 1675mm) pipe diameter pipe cutting and prepping equipment is available. This enables from small diameter pipes right up to large diameter vessels to be cut and prepped in-situ.

Custom Machine Build

Morgan Engineering’s personnel are able to provide Specialized Machine Build services. This service can be required when an unusual application requires machining or restrictions make it impossible to fit a standard machine in the space provided.

This involves Morgan Engineering’s personnel inspecting the item for machining, taking detailed measurements of the restrictions and scope and building a special machine to complete the job. Each machine would be quoted for either outright sale or for rental, subject to the needs of the customer.

All equipment is subject to availability at time of request

Onsite Machining