Mazak machines a game-changer for Morgan Engineering

The decision to invest in state-of-the-art Mazak machines has proven a wise one for our team at Morgan Engineering.

As a company, we are renowned for the manufacture, re-manufacture, and reclamation of components to suit CAT earthmoving equipment. Our team delivers third-party certified components that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

This is great news for our customers.

Compared to new replacement components, our components not only cut customers’ costs but reduce downtime due to shorter lead times.

We rely on state-of-the-art Mazak machines supplied by John Hart to deliver high-quality solutions and stay ahead of the competition. Our ultramodern, high-capacity workshop features a Mazak Integrex i-400 multi-tasking machine and a Mazak MTV815/80 vertical machining centre.

Workshop Manager, Martin Morgan, said the investment in Mazak machines was a game-changer for the business.

“The machining centres are extremely versatile,” he said. “We use it for jobs such as 4100 dragline suspension links and jacking bolts for underground mines. It makes short work of lightweight pin retainer plates for Hitachi excavators and phosphorous bronze bushes for ship loaders.”

Significant business benefits of Mazak machines

“Thanks to the advanced features of the Mazak machinery, we have the capability to machine the manufactured components more precisely compared to our competitors,” Martin explains.

“Our previous equipment didn’t have the same breadth of capabilities as the Mazak’s. Where it used to take several machines to do one job, we can now use just one machine to get a superior result.

“The Mazak Integrex i-400 enables us to machine complicated mill-turn parts like manifolds, cylinders, shafts and more – as well as parts up to two to three metres long, in one operation. This just isn’t possible with other machines.

“Mazak has a reputation for some of the best machines in the world, and they have been a great investment. The Mazak Integrex is known as a multi-tasking machine. We knew it would be a gamechanger for us – producing better quality, with minimum process times – allowing for increased accuracy while also being cost-effective.”

Pre-purchase advice from John Hart

The team at John Hart spoke with authority about the next generation of MAZATROL Smooth CNC technology, the MAZATROL SmoothAi control and associated software packages.

The key selling point was its delivery of powerful digital enhancements that add efficiency and value throughout the machining process using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced data management technology.

The control incorporates a wide variety of advanced programming functions that deliver ease of use and ensure high-speed, high-accuracy machining performance.

“As we are predominately a jobbing shop doing single runs, the Mazatrol program has greatly reduced process times – from set-up right through to the finished part,” Martin said.

“The John Hart sales team were really knowledgeable about the equipment and were able to demonstrate these benefits. It made the decision to purchase an easy one.”

 “The machines are extremely reliable, so other than the annual maintenance check, we haven’t actually had to contact the support team! The John Hart team know their products and provide excellent support to their customers.”

Mazak has been at the forefront of CNC programming development with the introduction of the Mazatrol CNC programming language in 1981. Since then, Mazak has consistently improved upon CNC programming language which has been of significant benefit to us here at Morgan Engineering.

We welcome the opportunity to pass on the benefits of Mazak machines to our clients engaging with our engineering design, welding, line-boring, large-capacity CNC machining, on-site machining, and heavy fabrication services.

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