Ultra-class Excavator Track Refurbishment

Earlier this year, Morgan Engineering overhauled a set of 6060 Cat Excavator track frames from one of Glencore’s open cut mines, Ravensworth. This can significantly reduce the downtime for mine site equipment as we can restore our customers track frames in our world-class workshop in Singleton.

Excavator track frames wear and tear naturally, as they are under enormous amount of stress loads which can cause them to crack, but they can also be damaged through incidents. Ravensworth open cut mine has a proactive approach to their equipment, they have a total of five exchange track frames sets, with four that are always in use on site and the fifth being refurbished.

Morgan Engineering Director & Line Boring Field Services Manager, Matthew Morgan, said that this approach means that they are able to work to a rotating shutdown schedule, resulting in even less downtime for the mine.

“It’s great when our customers are able to think strategically about their equipment, because it means we can help them with the longevity of their assets,” Matthew continued.

For Ravensworth in particular, it means we can ensure they have their track frames ready to go for their next shut down.

What is the process for an excavator refurbishment?

The process for refurbishment involves a number of steps which can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Whether it is scheduled upkeep, mine site shutdown, or critical repairs, the Morgan Engineering workshop has the facilities to undergo overhauls on ultra-class excavator tracks, and much more.

For Ravensworth’s excavator track frame repair, the components that need to be refurbished get freighted to Morgan Engineering’s workshop. They are then sand blasted, and crack tested. Our team will then repair the track frame and reclaim machined surfaces. They carry out another crack test before painting it and sending it back to the mine site – as good as new!

Morgan Engineering General Manager, Jeremy Brett, says that the decades of experience by their team means their process is tried and tested and has become effortless.

“All of these steps are undertaken by an extremely skilled and qualified team that are experts in extending the life of your service exchange components,” Jeremey continued. “Our process enables us to deliver exceptional quality solutions for our customers.”

Quality assurance for mine equipment refurbishment

MC Quality Control (MCQC) work alongside the Morgan Engineering team to ensure the excavator track frame refurbishment process is of the highest standard possible.

They audit us throughout the entire repair and come on-site to the workshop so they can guarantee we are complying to defined procedures and quality control hold point inspections.

 “We have a fantastic working relationship with MCQC, they know that our employees are highly skilled and that we have robust processes in place,” Jeremy said.

“By working with MCQC our customers receive an extra stamp of approval, knowing that there is an added level of quality assurance. It gives them confidence that their assets are repaired within specification and to an exceptionally high standard of workmanship.”

For more information on working with our team for your excavator refurbishment get in touch today.

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