Promoting positive team culture in the workplace

At Morgan Engineering, we believe that culture matters and that the company’s vision and culture will set us apart from other engineering companies. Our continued success and opportunities for growth among employees come from our great team culture. We value our employees and think they are the engine of this organisation!

Research shows that satisfied employees mean fewer sick days and more productivity. When employees are working in a productive, positive environment they want to do well.

Our vision and values

By having our values aligned, it ensures we’re always working to have a positive team culture, and our culture ensures commitment to our values.

We strive to always:

This helps to create better employee retention, productivity and employee well-being.

We live and breathe our values. Our clients receive better outcomes, and our team is happier and healthier. We do this by creating a friendly and supportive work environment for our staff. This includes encouraging and maintaining open and honest communication as well as keeping each other accountable for our actions. 

Company Values Training

Our leaders care for our employees and take their wellbeing seriously. We recognise that to promote and maintain a healthy team culture in line with our values, we can always learn and improve.

That is why our leadership team recently attended a five-hour team culture session to define our cultural brand and behaviours. We worked on the concepts of ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’ behaviours as well as the concept of ‘radical candour’ – all aligning with our value of open and honest communication.

Radical candour is how we provide feedback to our team members, feedback that challenges them directly but cares for them personally.

‘Above the line’ behaviours and responses is a positive mindset. Referring to the acronym OAR – ownership, accountability, and responsibility.  A mindset that we want to encourage all levels of the team to strive for.

We want to avoid ‘below the line’ behaviours in the workplace as people have a tendency to adopt these responses when there is tension, a problem or error. Below the line refers to the acronym BED and includes patterns such as:

We take ownership, accountability and responsibility for our teams and do not get caught in the trap of going below the line when things are testing.

All participants of the leadership team signed the Morgan Engineering Culture Commitment Charter. This is to show our commitment and dedication to the training undertaken, each other and our employees.

Our key takeaways

We want our workplace culture to be a constructive one, for both our leaders and the rest of our staff.

We appreciate constructive feedback because this is how we improve, learn and grow. This guided feedback is essential to our development as a business and professionals within the organisation, hoping to clarify expectations, be innovative and learn from our mistakes.

Our values make up a big part of our organisation and they ensure we are all working toward the same goals. Our values support our culture, keep our team accountable and shape who we are as a business!

If our values align with you, join our team today!

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